4 costliest mistakes when bettors betting on tennis

Betting on tennis is not only great fun, but also potentially very profitable business. Of course, assuming that betting on the sport proceeding correctly. Before jumping into the wonderful world of betting on tennis, but you must be careful to contain several errors that could significantly affect your bankroll. And just four such errors, we have summarized in today’s article.

1) betting underdogs in large tournaments

It is certainly tempting to bet on a big underdog. After all, in which case the course to the player really high and many punters tempted prospect of big profits. If you really managed to guess correctly, you have achieved a lot of high profit. But what are the chances that outsider succeeds on some big tournament? Very small. So small that in the long run betting on big underdogs really does not make sense.

In tennis is already striking difference between the top 10 players and players who are on the ATP rankings should be around 50th place … and if your outsider even lower on the ladder, is absolutely negligible chance for it to achieve success on the big tournament (in fact, not much hope even that win the match – will be glad for it, winning a couple of games).

On the big tournaments run by the best players. And those in the early stages of the fall just really exceptionally (or rather, almost all, if we do not take into account the withdrawal due to injury). Within Slam Moreover, played on three winning sets, so even if a well-known player in the first two sets hesitated, he still has a chance to rectify his hesitation.

Potential winnings from bets on outsiders is indeed high, but very unlikely, at least so inexperienced bettors recommend that betting on big underdogs completely avoided. That does not mean that you should always just blindly bet on the favorite with odds 1.01 – more information on this topic, see the articles on Tennis Betting – betting against favorites or how often the losers of tennis players TOP 5 ?.

2) Ignoring differences of these surfaces

Tennis is very interesting because it is played on a variety of surfaces. The three main asphalt surfaces (hard court), grass and clay. Each of these surfaces from the two substantially different. For example differs rate reflection of the ball, perfect gameplay and many other factors. Some players are considered specialists in concrete surfaces. And some players are, however, known that some type of surface they are absolutely wrong.

You should definitely study the characteristics of the individual surfaces and also find out how the given player thrives on a particular surface. His past results, you can tell much about its chances of success.

More information on this topic, see the articles betting tennis – Surfaces courts, Part 1 and betting tennis – Surfaces courts, and 2.

3) Blind betting favorite players

This error has led many otherwise successful tennis bettors bankrupt. Too many people bet on specific players just because they are popular. You must remember that if you want to succeed in betting, do not bet the heart, but the brain. Otherwise, it is virtually certain that your bankroll will get a huge financial blow.

If you bet on your favorite players, you will match more exciting, however, the result is often quite disappointing. Simply, if you bet for fun, you may be more or less one. But if you are betting for profit (which certainly does not exclude the fact that when betting you’ll have fun), you should always bet on the basis of well-made pre-match analysis.

The better you manage your emotions, the more profitable your betting will. More information on this topic can be found in the article How to Avoid planting under the influence of emotions.

4) Ignoring reports of injuries

Professional tennis is a very demanding sport. Players are constantly traveling around the world and play in one tournament after another, while at the same time, of course, a lot of training. That’s why over them constantly hovering threat of injury. Even a small injury can have on the performance of a player a huge impact. The player made the best possible performance, must be 100% physical condition. More information on this topic, see betting tennis – Form, physical fitness and injuries.

Before you bet, you have to pay attention to whether the player not struggle with any injuries. If the injured favorite game, you can get the value that you bet on his opponent (unless it is a really significant underdog).

Psychology betting – Coming up losses

As it happens

Bet plan in one week comes out the way you imagined. For now, yet you say that you ignore the negative results and you plan to continue. Failure but spill over into the next week, you will not resist and increase the size of bets to “get back at least to zero.” If this does not work either, perhaps you start frantically to bet on almost every game that you will see in the menu some bookmakers.

But this is wrong – you lost your discipline and you have compromised your betting system. Now you begin to (unknowingly) to lean towards Martingale type system … therefore very remote place from where you wanted to be.


This behavior is encoded in human nature – people take losing personally. All are impatient for big profits, but here it is important to realize that achieving them requires hard work and investment. Although sometimes you may find that you are lucky and some crazy bet you come out, which makes it a bit “heal” your bankroll, but in the long run this meeting foolishness.

To achieve success in betting, you have to approach it differently than roulette. A very important role is played by psychology.

How to avoid this kind of behavior

Betting discipline

Create a betting plan and stick to it. To achieve success in betting, you have to approach it seriously. The plan can be changed, but you should ho “quilt hot needle” due to the fact that you are a week or two fail. If you want to change the plan, to calmly sit down and rationally evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Then, make the necessary adjustments.

Be objective

Various betting wisdom can not be regarded as dogma. Always everything objectively evaluate and to then create conclusions. Before you look at the various sources of information regarding betting on a particular game, try to create their own initial thoughts – this information might, anchor your expectations.

Long-term mentality

The essential feature of a successful punter is thinking long term, not short term. In the short term, you may not succeed, but in the long term you can achieve monthly assessment must be 100%. Poor series does not mean anything – you have to accept the fact that they alternate good times with the bad. Your goal is to make those good moments was (much) more than the bad.

Bad not even need to gain 10%. While 10% may seem like a small profit in the long term gains by buying and create an interesting sum. Additionally true that if you put effort into planting and focus on his studies, your results will improve.

Losses as a lesson

Even the best punters ever lose. Losses are unavoidable – sometimes even negative throughout the series. From every defeat, you should take lessons. At rest, sit down, do reverse engineer, to determine why the tip came out and the whole situation, take lessons. In the future, so less likely that you would repeat the error (which makes achieve higher profit).